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This time, it’s personal.

You Technology revolutionizes the way brands and retailers connect with consumers by personalizing every communication. We’ve fused personalization technology, consumer insights, and turnkey marketing programs to help our customers:

  • Gain new insights into consumer behavior
  • Connect anywhere with consumers on a personal level
  • Transform consumer loyalty into a continuous marketing process

YOU Solutions

Focus on innovation
YOU Technology is a new company. But within our innovative portfolio of services, lies the first paper-less digital coupon platform. YOU is built on many of the timeless marketing principles—loyalty, innovation, and personalization—and will continue on our mission to find innovative ways to deliver relevant offers to individuals whenever and wherever they desire.

The YOU Difference

Proven in the worlds largest brands and retailers
The world’s largest and most innovative brands retailers rely on YOU to accelerate sales and increase marketing performance by engaging consumers in a more relevant way, and at a time that’s most convenient for them to act.

  • We’ve run over 500 marketing engagements.
  • We’re the industry’s leading digital coupon solution with over 20 million paperless digital coupons processed through over 4,000 stores nationally.
  • We’ve issued and redeemed billions of points in real time.

YOU Clients

We’ve been in your shoes
Our team’s experience is second to none. We combine vision with a pragmatic approach gained from years of senior marketing and operational experience with Kroger, Wal-Mart, P&G, Unilever, Kraft, ConAgra and others.

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